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New Orleans Shakespeare Festival
Season 24

This was my first year designing for the New Orleans Shakespeare Festival. I created a campaign centered around the theme of a rope which represented control and submission. This was appropriate for the two plays performed this season, The Tempest and The Taming of the Shrew. I photographed the same rope multiple times after distressing it more and more between each shot and compiled the different photos to create the ropes on a ship and the strings of a corset. The campaign included poster designs, web graphics, postcards, and outdoor banners.

Tempest PostCard - R22.jpg
Tempest PostCard - R2.jpg
Taming of the Shrew PostCard - R22.jpg
Taming of the Shrew PostCard - R2.jpg
NOSF-TempestBanner - PRINT.jpg


I provided some double exposure imagery for the festival by photographing one of the actors and merging the photo with an image of crashing waves. I also photographed one of their dress rehearsals for The Tempest.

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