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Josh Wingerter takes over Frenchmen Street

I was walking with my quarantine buddies down Magazine Street one evening and we ran into Josh Wingerter and his girlfriend. He had just finished spray painting Satchmo on a boarded up window at Balcony Bar. You could smell the wet paint, and the stencils were still on the sidewalk. We talked to him briefly and got his business card and he told us about his new project of turning the boarded up doors and windows in New Orleans into works of art. Great idea!! The boards will inevitably get covered in graffiti anyway. May as well be by a skilled artist who we can appreciate. Josh told us about the work he had done on Frenchmen Street so we ventured down to the Marigny to check it out. Here's just some of what we saw. I wanna emphasize that I am merely the photography and not the graffiti artist. Check out more of Josh's work at

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