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Christmas in Gretna

I've always been a firm believer that the Westbank has a lot to offer. Crossing the river is a pretty regular thing for me. But this particular trip over the Mississippi was especially lovely!

Started the evening by grabbing a beer at River Shack and sitting by the river to watch the sunset. Not my best photo since I totally didn't have the appropriate lens with me, but do photos ever really do it justice? Then after another drink and a basket of Buffalo shrimp, my Gretna buddy, Darlene and I set out to see the lights along the Huey P. And kudos to the residents of the area for going all out on the house decorations too!

We finished the night with some café au lait and almond cupcakes from Amore, which I couldn't stop photographing because they were so cute and festive!

The evening was magical and beautiful and made me feel all Christmasy so I highly recommend a stroll through downtown Gretna at night!

Happy Holidays!

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