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I spent 3 years of my career working as a graphic designer and animator at New Orleans local TV station, WGNO. During that time I was responsible for branding multiple shows and campaigns, creating promotional pieces for print and web, and animating for the newscasts and various other broadcasts.

news with a twist

During my time at WGNO, the station launched a new talk show called News with a Twist. I created the branding for the show, which included a logo, animated opening for the show, and multiple segment opening animations.

nola38: only in new orleans

I also worked on a campaign called "Only in New Orleans" for the sister station, NOLA38. I created multiple printable materials including an outdoor billboard and magazine ad.

nola marketplace

The station broadcasted a sponsored daily show called "NOLA Marketplace" which highlighted local businesses. I created the branding for the show, which included a logo design and opening and closing animations.

friday night football

On Friday nights the station broadcasted "Friday Night Football" which focused on high school football highlights in the area. I created a logo, poster design and opening animations for the show.

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