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Hi, I’m Cat.

I'm a graphic designer, marketing coordinator, and photographer based in New Orleans. I have a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree with an emphasis in Graphic Design and over 10+ years of professional graphic design experience. I am skilled in branding and identity, digital and print advertising, web design, marketing strategy, social media management, and digital photography. I am the owner and founder of creative marketing business, 2nd Story Creative. 


I grew up in beautiful, yet rural south Mississippi, where creativity was essential for entertaining oneself. I started early. As a kid I would cut and paste my mom’s department store catalogs to design my own layouts. I was the photographer for the high school yearbook. And when personal websites became a thing in the 90s, I jumped headfirst into that scene. So I decided to pursue a career in this creative stuff.


I spent 4 years at Mississippi State studying fine arts, design and photography and earned a BFA in graphic design. In my twenties I started my career, working in advertising and media for over a decade. All of this was incredibly valuable experience and led me to develop a broad spectrum of skills that have become essential in what I do.

After spending years observing the ins and outs of marketing agencies, developing my artistic and business skills, and networking with other entrepreneurs, I decided it was time to develop a business of my own. From my 2nd Story apartment, I started a creative marketing business that focuses on breaking innovative boundaries while nurturing personal relationships with its clients. And it’s been so rewarding to see the results!

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